We offer parking places on the other side of the street next to the Kurpark.

Multi-storey car park

There is a multi-storey car park 100m away next to Königkarlstrasse 1 that you can use.

More details here Journey.

The word "anaesthesia" is Greek in origin and means "insensitivity". In modern dental medicine, most treatments are performed under local anaesthetic. In our practice, we offer various options to make your treatment as pain-free as possible:

  • No anaesthetic
  • Local anaesthetic
  • Sedation
  • General anaesthetic

  • The anxiety before and during treatment can be eased with sedatives.

    Our aim is to keep both the injection and the administration of anaesthetic as pain-free as possible. This is why the injection site is numbed with a special (pleasant-tasting) gel beforehand. We inject the medication itself with particular care so that you will not feel any pain.