We offer parking places on the other side of the street next to the Kurpark.

Multi-storey car park

There is a multi-storey car park 100m away next to Königkarlstrasse 1 that you can use.

More details here Journey.

Our rehabilitation philosophy is based on the conviction that high-quality tooth substitutes can only function if attached to a healthy base. This is why our treatments always begin with the measures necessary to prepare the ground for inlays, crowns, bridges or other tooth replacements.

These include the removal of old fillings, crowns or other tooth replacements that may no longer fit properly or may have become unusable for other reasons.

Other preparatory measures may include any necessary periodontal treatments, the insertion of implants, any necessary reconstruction of gum tissue or jaw bone substance, gum transplants or cosmetic gum corrections. This rehabilitation phase also includes root canal treatments and the improvement of any existing root fillings.

Any fillings, crowns or bridges removed are immediately replaced by temporary versions.

Many of these preliminary treatments can be performed under sedation or general anaesthetic if requested.